Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs Under $300 (In 2023 – Reviews)

Best Gaming Chairs Under $300

What are the best gaming chairs under $300 for you? Assuming that you’re a video games fan, you know that hours can fly by once you enter the exciting virtual world. And sitting for a long time in an uncomfortable chair can diminish your gaming experience significantly. Or at any rate in the event that you don’t notice that your body will definitely do.

As much as you might like spending hours playing your favorite games and communicating with your online friends, you might not be ready to spend a fortune on an ergonomic gaming chair. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to own a solid ergonomic racing chair.

We have already covered the best gaming chairs for under $200. And the good news is, we have also spent some time researching quality gaming chairs under $300 to make sure you have many budget options to choose from. Don’t waste your time and check out some of the best gaming chairs in the $300 price range we handpicked for you below.

The Best Gaming Chairs Under $300 Reviews

1. Zeanus Computer Gaming Chair With Footrest – Top Pick

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  • 12 months warranty on parts
  • High-quality faux leather
  • Easy-to-follow instructions


  • With time, the armrests might start wobbling from side to side

Assuming you’ve been dreaming of a gaming chair under $300 that would have each feature you can possibly imagine, the Zeanus computer gaming chair is the one. It can’t serve you drinks (in spite of the fact that it’d be awesome), yet it can certainly boost your video gaming experience.

From an adjustable headrest, retractable footrest, and massage lumbar cushion to ergonomic armrests, this gaming chair is a real find. You can use it for working, gaming, relaxing, and even sleeping. Zeanus gaming chair is also sturdy enough to accommodate adult gamers with different body compositions. Furthermore, this computer gaming chair has a pretty cool design that would fit almost any interior design.

The only complaint you might have is that the armrests start wobbling from side to side with time.

2. GTRACING Video Gaming Chair – Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair

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  • Soft PU leather
  • Class 3 gas lift cylinder for height adjustment
  • Lumbar & headrest cushions


  • The assembly might take about 2.25-2.5 hours

In the event that you’re a fan of esports and having a high-quality gaming chair is integral to your everyday routine, the GTRACING ergonomic gaming chair, priced under $300, might become one of your top decisions.

This chair is enveloped by red leatherette in a sleek, race-inspired shape, providing you with an immersive gaming experience. And in the event that you’re not into red, you can choose out of eight different colors. Aside from that, the GTRACING gaming chair features a very much padded seat, and lumbar and headrest cushions, for which you will be a lot of thankful during your extended gaming sessions.

However, as cool as this gaming chair is, be careful that it might take you 2.25-2.5 hours to assemble it. It’s all worth it in the end.

3. Dowinx Gaming Chair With Massage Lumbar Support and Footrest – Best Executive Gaming Chair

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  • Massager lumbar
  • Quality handsewn PU leather
  • 1-year parts quality warranty


  • If you’re a taller person, your calves might end up resting on the footrest pillow instead of your feet.

Is it true that you are hunting for a gaming chair under $300 that would also pass for an executive office chair if necessary? All things considered, we have quite recently found one for you.

The Dowinx computer gaming chair features a vintage-leather style, allowing you to turn your gaming room into a presentable home office in a second. And thanks to its winged back, it provides multi-point body contact to share the pressure and save your spine.

Also, this chair offers a signature linkage armrest, lumbar massage pillow, headrest, and retractable footrest that will make your gaming or working experience much more pleasant.

However, on the off chance that you’re on the taller side and plan on using the footrest frequently, your calves are most likely to wind up on it instead of your feet.

4. LUCKWIND Video Gaming Chair Racing Recliner – Best Stylish Gaming Chair

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  • Glossy leather appearance
  • 4-inch multi-layer memory foam cushion
  • Limited 2-year warranty


  • The leather is tough, and it might be quite creaky

Bright, comfortable, and costs less than $300. Assuming that is the gaming chair you’re aiming for, LUCKWING got you covered.

The LUCKWIND gaming chair will definitely be a stylish expansion to your gaming station. It features an embraced wing-back, delicate padded armrest, and ergonomic cushioned seat to help you protect your posture while playing or watching your favorite video games.

Besides, the underlying headrest and lumbar support will add more comfort throughout the day. And this gaming chair accompanies a 2-year limited warranty, which is perfect assuming that you encounter any issues during that time.

However, since the chair’s upholstery is pretty durable and extreme, it might make creaky sounds in the beginning.

5. RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair With Footrest – Best Race Car Style Gaming Chair

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  • Padded armrests
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • High-quality faux leather


  • The seat cushion might deflate relatively soon

In the event that you’re searching for a racing-style gaming chair in the $300 price range, the RESPAWN gaming chair can be your winner. It’s so expressive in the gaming local area that we really wanted to include it in our rundown.

Whether you’re profound in your gaming session or mundane work tasks, this gaming chair will give you extravagance and comfort throughout the day. Featuring an extendable footrest, padded armrests, an adjustable headrest, and a lumbar cushion, the RESPAWN gaming chair will win you over with its multi-usefulness.

Once you find your ideal position, time will fly by. And don’t forget that this gaming chair also accompanies a lifetime limited warranty.

However, know that the seat cushion might flatten a little with time. It relies heavily on the amount you plan on using this chair, obviously.

6. Ficmax Ergonomic Massage Gaming Chair – Best Memory Foam Gaming Chair

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  • 30 days of free returns & money back
  • 4.8-inch extra thick cushion
  • Tilt, rock, and swivel functions


  • The armrest might be a little bit loose

In the event that you’re looking for a gaming chair under $300 with one of the thickest seat cushions on the market, the Ficmax ergonomic massage gaming chair won’t disappoint you.

According to the manufacturer, this chair is dependable and ought to serve you for a long time in the event that you treat it well. Featuring a 4.8-inch thick high-density memory foam cushion and retractable footrest, the Ficmax computer gaming chair will give you the sitting experience you have never had.

Also, its USB-powered massage lumbar pillow and ergonomic headrest will ensure your back is in good hands during long workdays or gaming sessions.

The only drawback you might notice is that the armrest can be a bit loose.

7. Furmax High-Back Gaming Office Chair – Best Affordable Gaming Chair

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  • High-quality fiber leather
  • High-density thicker sponge
  • Ergonomic design


  • The rocking is a little stiff

Is it true that you are on a quest for a classy gaming chair under $300 that would complement your sacred video gaming room? The Furmax high-back gaming chair fits your models impeccably.

Upholstered in a high-quality dark and carbon fiber leather, this office chair also provides you with a high-density thicker sponge inside to make an ideal bucket seat for all your sleepless video gaming evenings. Aside from that, the Furmax gaming chair offers an ergonomic headrest/wrist rest pillow and padded armrests to help you find the best position for ultimate comfort.

While this chair also has a rocking feature, you might find it somewhat solid in the beginning.

8. AutoFull Racing Style Ergonomic Computer Chair – Best Heavy-Duty Gaming Chair

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  • Carbon fiber and PU leather material
  • SGS-certified 4-level cylinder
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • The cushion isn’t very breathable

Might it be said that you are trying to find a heavy-duty gaming chair in the $300 price range? Search no more. The AutoFull racing-style ergonomic gaming chair can hold as much as 400 pounds and won’t let you down.

This gaming chair features a multi-splice backrest, thick bucket seat, retractable footrest, adjustable head, lumbar pillow, and even 2D adjustable armrests. What else can you ask for from a very sturdy gaming chair under $300? Most likely, not much. Furthermore, carbon fiber and PU leather material will furnish you with a superior touch feeling.

Albeit the upholstery material is overall quite delicate, the cushion might not be as breathable as you’d want it to be.

9. Homall Gaming Office Chair With Headrest and Lumbar Support – Most Reviewed Gaming Chair

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  • Skin-friendly PU leather
  • Soft and supportive seat cushion
  • Full-steel frame


  • Non-adjustable armrests

In the event that you’re a fan of the Homall brand, you’ll cherish this gaming chair. It’s durable, and stylish, and it costs less than $300.

The Homall gaming office chair has a pretty standard design, yet it provides you with every one of the features you’re looking for in a quality gaming chair. Its high-density shaping foam seat cushion and adjustable headrest and lumbar support will permit you to feel rested even during the most intense video gaming session.

Besides, the manufacturer gives you nine different color options to choose from to redesign your gaming room according to your style inclinations.

The only feature this gaming chair under $300 needs is the capacity to change the armrest.

10. HON Basyx Task Chair – Best Budget Gaming Chair

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  • Ability to adjust the lumbar support
  • Ability to adjust seat width, height, position, and recline level
  • Great overall build quality


  • No cushioning for the headrest or lumbar
  • No full back support

The HON Basyx Task Chair, or the basyx by HON, as stylized by them, is one more budget gaming chair under $300. At just around $220 on most days, the Basyx is an interesting pick.

It’s technically the least evaluated choice on this rundown, yet it’s as yet a fine one. How about we hop into why it’s good?

Its level of adjustment, most importantly, is pretty admirable. With adjustable lumbar support, seat width, seat height, seat positioning, and recline adjustments, the Basyx is much more customizable than your typical gaming or office chair.

Moreover, its cross section backing offers some flexibility, which is a characteristic that many like in their chairs when they can’t or don’t get chairs with full back support. Thanks to this, combined with the adjustments, this ought to be a pretty comfortable chair as long as you fall within the weight and height limits.

Ultimately, however, because of an absence of full back support and cushioning for the headrest/lumbar, we think you’d be more qualified to go with one of the racing chairs in this gathering. On the off chance that you favor a more minimal seat, however, this might be the most ideal choice for you.

Things to Consider While Buying a Gaming Chair Under $300

Best Gaming Chairs Under 300
Best Gaming Chairs Under $300

Even shopping around the best gaming chairs under $300, you ought to in any case remember some things as $300 is a truckload of cash to spend, so this is the very thing that you want to think about while considering your next chair.

Max load

Max load alludes to how much weight the chair is appraised for. It’s a well-being guideline to prevent the end user from overloading it and causing harm to the chair and themselves.

Most gaming chairs are evaluated for a minimum of 250lbs or more. This covers most individuals in and around the normal weight. However, in the event that you’re a greater individual, it’s worth paying somewhat more to ensure you don’t unintentionally pulverize your chair.


Unless you’re one of those infuriatingly useful fitness-focused individuals, you likely spend more time in your chair than you ought to, meaning that you’re more inclined to short and long-term ergonomic strain.

This typically manifests in the lower back or the neck. This is the reason the most well-known ergonomic features included on gaming chairs are lumbar support pillows and neck cushions.

These increases help persuade the spine into the regular S shape that it forms when standing upright. Obviously, it’s never going to mirror that shape precisely, because of some physiological things that we don’t have the time to get into, however you can get pretty close.

In the event that you have to pick between the two, we’d suggest lumbar support as back pain is a more typical side impact of sitting for long timeframes, particularly while sitting in a seriously designed chair.


It’s fine and dandy being good for your back and neck, yet in the event that the chair isn’t comfortable, you won’t have the option to exploit any of their ergonomic benefits.

What we’re looking for here are high-density foam in the seat base and the backrest. This two support the user provides comfort, and the density prevents it from flattening out too quickly and not lasting a long take.


This influences both comfort and ergonomics, so it’s ostensibly more important than both of them, sort of.

Anyway, everybody is different loads, heights, and proportions, so the more you can change the different comfort and ergonomic features, the better.

At a minimum we want height customizability, in case the in an upward direction tested among you be left with legs dangling, Winnie the pooh trying to sit on a stool or something.

Fortunately, at this price point, height flexibility is guaranteed, so cease your worrying, dear peruser, and turn your regard for more important issues.

Typically, the aforementioned neck pillows have clutched the chair with a tie, which considers movability in and of itself. Extremely fancy chairs like the Secretlab Titan Evo have attractive pillows, yet that is out of our price range for now.

Best Gaming Chairs Under 300 dollars
Best Gaming Chairs Under $300

FAQs – Best Gaming Chairs Under $300

Is a best gaming chair worth it?

Everything “Good” in its particular domain is absolutely worth experiencing, so why not a gaming chair? The short answer to this question is, Yes. And to find out why, a best gaming chair will deal with your sitting posture; better ergonomics will save you from fatigues and cramping after long hour gaming sessions.

Should I get a gaming chair or an office chair?

The two categories support outstanding comfort components. However, office chairs sometimes miss the mark concerning superior ergonomics. And also, this is important seating furniture for shorter time periods. However, gaming chairs are worked for continuous and longer sittings.

What should I look for when buying a gaming chair?

For comfort and unwinding, search for design, ergonomics, and support features. Weight-bearing and seating limit ought to be all around decided by the measurements and size of the chair.

Are gaming chairs expected to lean forward?

It depends on the model shown. Notwithstanding, a good gaming chair ought to also be introduced with a lean-forward feature.

How high should my gaming chair be?

For the folks above 6ft, the gaming chair’s backrest ought to be over 29″ to take special care of your height impeccably.

Final Word – Best Gaming Chairs Under 300 Dollars

Indeed, the $300 budget is certainly not a modest quantity to invest in seating furniture. To keep away from second thoughts and disappointment, you really want to find the best gaming chair for under 300 bucks to live up to your fantasy. According to the above item listings, I know the opposition is very extreme. All in all, what is the final call about the best budget gaming chair?

Don’t hustle anymore; my unmistakable winner is the Blue whale Highback gaming chair. This recliner is a flamboyant combination of Features, performance, and comfort. The thickest padding and highest backrest high is solid gold for plump and stout folks. And on the comfort aspect, you get an enormous size massaging cushion that doesn’t let completely go even on the most profound recline angle. Remember; you also get a 20-degree rocking usefulness.

Unfortunately, this gaming chair isn’t a racing-style recliner, and for that example, you get a wonderful substitute in the form of the AKracing core series EX gaming recliner.

The texture chair has flawless and preferred breathable materials over PU leather. Thus, in case you as a rule sweat like a major drum of the vine, this is the right counterpart for your sweating glands. And in the event that your secondary checkpoint is endurance, this chair will unquestionably win your trust with a 5/10 years warranty.

In any case, I would propose you shouldn’t miss Arozzi Verona on the off chance that you’re searching for an alluring, polished, and comfortable household item. Then again, you can experience such form quality in Respawn 400; that is a very thing for folks with some additional mass on their body. This chair also delivers a 400lbs weight-bearing limit and is the broadest seating arrangement.

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