Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse Pads With Wrist Rest (2023)

Best Gaming Mouse Pads With Wrist Rest Reviews

How to choose the best gaming mouse pads with wrist rest? Which mouse pad is the right choice to buy? Our top 10 picks will help you pick the Best Gaming Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest; we looked at size, surface layer, base, and different factors!

There is nobody size-fits-all solution with regards to selecting the best gaming mouse pad with wrist rest. A good mouse pad is essential for improving tracking precision, comfort, and lifespan. Mousepads with wrist rest support bet everything on ergonomics, allowing users to play for long periods of time without experiencing arm, hand, or wrist pain.

High-quality, big panels, are the way to go for gamers.

That is, regardless of sensitivity, each mouse stroke feels correct and in control, with no sliding or loss of performance over time. Nonetheless, because of the difficulties of producing larger wrist cushioning as the mousepad fills in size, most mouse pads with wrist rest support are generally standard-sized.

The greatest wrist support mousepads share several critical aspects.

That includes construction quality, substances, ergonomics, customization choices, and surface performance (glide, noise, and tracking). The major lesson is to pick a mousepad that matches your unique needs and inclinations. It prevents the agony that might result from inadequate support.

How about we find out what we’ve in store for you to pick your best gaming mouse pad with wrist rest?

Best Gaming Mouse Pads With Wrist Rest Reviews
Best Gaming Mouse Pads With Wrist Rest

Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse Pads With Wrist Rest Updated Reviews Of 2023

1. TeckNet Gaming Mouse Pad

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This mouse pad with wrist support easily adheres to the gaming desktop. I liked how the mouse has a gigantic surface area as well as a comfy gel wrist pad. I didn’t believe the wrist support was overly soft, firm, or slippery; it was about right.

Simply glass tops and colorful surfaces didn’t function properly with this gaming mouse pad. I went with it and used it for the workplace and home computers, surfing, and gaming. All of these traits make this one of the best gaming mouse pads with wrist rest.

Notwithstanding, after some time, I noticed that the memory foam flattens, so assuming that you require support for an extended amount of time, I don’t believe this gaming mouse pad is a good decision for you. Ultimately, I believe this is an excellent gaming mouse pad that is definitely worth the money.

2. Gimars Smooth Memory Foam Mouse Pad Wrist Rest

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Cushioned wrist support coupled with bigger mouse pads is unusual. In any case, Gimars’ memory foam ergonomic mouse pad does precisely that. A breathable lycra fabric enables smooth and accurate mouse tracking, a rubber base keeps the pad stable on the desk, and a super-comfortable memory foam wrist rest supports prolonged sessions without the worry of hand and wrist strain, which can lead to additional significant medical circumstances.

In the event that your job requires you to be hooked to your computer, investing in this sort of mousepad will help prevent future hand and wrist problems. Gimars Smooth Memory Foam Mouse Pad keeps you in the game whether you’re at the office, gaming, or surfing late in the evening time. You’re getting a mouse pad that is 11″ by 8.26″ and is around the size of a standard-sized sheet of paper.

The bigger size is excellent for people who have big hands or desire reduced sensitivity. Customization options include 10 distinct colors and patterns ranging from hot pink to jet black. You’d be hard-pushed to find a cheaper investment with decent ergonomic support for less than $20.

3. Razer Ergonomic Mouse Rest

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Have a great mousepad, yet it lacks wrist rest support? Razer has you covered with their ergonomic wrist rest support, which effortlessly matches any mousepad; simply place it precisely as you want it. The memory foam cushion is encased in a unique plush leatherette cushion material designed to relieve wrist strain during long gaming sessions.

The interlocked fabric with an anti-fray stitched border assures life and avoids damage even when in touch with liquids.

Anti-slip rubber feet keep the wrist rest in place. This is especially crucial given that it isn’t linked to the mousepad like different pads on this rundown. The Razer Ergonomic Mouse Rest is the tool for the job assuming you need total adaptability and ergonomic support. It will keep you endlessly going, and it’s just under $20.

4. ENHANCE XXL Large Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

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The ENHANCE XXL Large Extended Gaming Mouse Pad is 31.5′′ by 13.78′′. It has plenty of room for your gaming mouse, keyboard, and two wrists. A one-inch memory foam cushioning across the bottom of the mousepad provides wrist support. It offers support for both typing and operating a mouse at the same time, providing numerous uses and all-day comfort.

Edges with anti-fray stitching minimize unattractive seams, curled edges, and everyday wear and tear. The backside is coated in a textured substance that keeps the mousepad safe and sturdy regardless of what surface it is placed on (wood, glass, metal, plastic, and different surfaces are no problem). A three-year manufacturer’s guarantee is also included, which is always an or more.

Anyway, your workspace or home office gets hot, the memory foam may sweat from lengthy use, necessitating regular wiping of your wrists and arms. On the off chance that the XXL size isn’t for you, there’s a standard-sized alternative that measures 14′′ by 12.5′′ — a major decrease in scale.

5. Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad

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There’s something immensely gratifying about pressing your finger on a gel cushion. Each time you boot up your computer with the Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad, go ahead and do as such. The stretchy, multicolored gel pillow is ergonomically intended to fit your hand and wrist shape. This offers sufficient support and reduces wrist strain.

The gel pillow’s shape is intriguing; the sides are the highest points, concaving inwards as you approach the center of the gel pillow. This keeps your wrist steady and prevents it from moving side to side during the operation. In any case, those who are highly energetic while tracking their mouse across the screen may object to the potential wrist limitation.

A ventilation channel runs across the gel cushion, preventing perspiration buildup in contact areas. After hours of furious and sweaty action, this design feature is a nice sight. The pad is held in place by a rubber base, and the vinyl surface is easy to clean. The Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad, measuring 7.6′′ by 9.6′′, ought to fit into most configurations.

Gamers with lesser sensitivities may wish to search somewhere else for a larger-sized pad. Or on the other hand, consider increasing the sensitivity of their mouse.

6. ITNRSIIET Ergonomic Mouse Pad

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The ITNRSIIET Ergonomic Mouse Pad combines ergonomics with a plethora of stylish style possibilities. A soft, gel-filled memory foam cushion promotes natural hand posture while providing optimal comfort to reduce wrist discomfort and strain. The entire surface is made of textured, high-quality lycra material, ensuring perfect mouse control and pinpoint precision.

The soft non-skid PC foundation tightly holds the undersurface, preventing any sort of skidding and allowing users to glide their mouse around the pad without interference effortlessly. The size is on the smaller side and readily fits any mouse, however, there isn’t a ton of play for large mouse swipes, which may easily result in running out of mousepads.

Larger selections would have been nice, yet the over 30 altering possibilities make available. Patterns include traditional black, cactus-themed, elephant-themed, multicolored marble, and many more. There is a style for everyone.

7. Redragon P020 Gaming Mouse Pad

redragon p020 mouse pad 1 min 1

The Redragon Gaming Mouse Pad is ideal for gamers of all ages and abilities. I liked the size of the gaming mouse since it allowed me more area to play games like PUBG, Fortnite, and COD. I discovered that the surface of this mouse pad is waterproof, which made it quite easy to clean when I spilled liquids on it.

On the off chance that you travel regularly, this is an excellent thing to have on hand. It appears to be basic and streamlined. Because it came in a tube, portions of the mouse pad’s edges were elevated off the table for the first couple of days. I liked how the mouse on the pad responded as smoothly and rapidly as conceivable in almost all of our games.

Overall, after around fourteen days of use, I believe this gaming mouse is a terrific complement to any gaming framework.

8. Oppai Deadpool Mouse Pad

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In the event that you’re a Deadpool fan, this gaming mouse will make you laugh while you play. This gaming mouse isn’t just a unique thing and a great present for a Deadpool fan, however, it is also rather comfy on the wrist. The rubber under the mouse keeps it attached to the desk for as long as you play.

9. Dooke Ergonomic Mouse Pad

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Working for quite a while on the computer, my wrist started to show signs of pain and discomfort. I decided to buy the Dooke Ergonomic Mouse Pad with the desire to solve those problems.

Unexpectedly, this product lived up to my expectations and provided plenty of comfort. Although it is pretty heavy, it has rounded edges below the fabric, so the durability is far superior to most other mouse pads.

In addition, its entire lower part is a shiny rubber layer with a suitable surface fixation ability. The rest is also thicker and entirely comfortable. The adorable design is also what I immensely love about this rendition. It blends in with my workspace amazingly.

10. Yunoble Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse Pads

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Yunoble Memory Foam Ergonomic Rest Pad is another addition to my desk. Its super charming touches gave my space a little greater personality. The coaster is surprisingly good quality. The wrist pad is comfortable, and so is the mouse pad. This is effective in minimizing strain or wrist pain caused.

Neoprene fabric is soft, comfortable, and relatively durable. It also can stay firmly on the tabletop and allows me to manipulate the mouse rapidly and stably. Subsequently, this is the ideal decision with a reasonable budget and exceptionally safe for the user’s health.

Best Gaming Mouse Pads With Wrist Rest Buying Guides

Best Gaming Mouse Pads With Wrist Rest Reviews.
Best Gaming Mouse Pads With Wrist Rest

With regards to picking the best gaming mouse pad with a wrist rest, there are a couple of key things that you need to contemplate. The greater part of these is the same things you’d consider for any mouse pad, however it merits getting into regardless. The main areas of consideration are size, material, ergonomics, and feel, whenever you have these down, the most common way of buying a mouse pad with a wrist rest will become far easier.


This is the first and most important thing to ponder as it will characterize the experience and practical constraints of the mouse pad. Those of you enthusiastic about gaming will probably favor a desk pad-sized one as it extended the usable area which is particularly useful on the off chance that you play on low DPI as it can mean less resetting mid-game. On the off chance that you’re less gaming-slanted a small mouse pad will be adequate and allow more things to fit right in front of you. On the off chance that you’re finding it challenging to visualize sizes, we’ve made an infographic for you to help put all this in a little additional background information.


This will characterize the inclination and speed of the mouse pad, it can also affect the longevity so it’s an important factor to know about. Broadly speaking, there are two main kinds of mouse pads: hard and soft. In the event that you’re unfamiliar with the universe of mouse pads, you’re probably used to the soft sort of mouse pad as this is the sort typically included with pre-fabricated PCs.

The main benefit of a soft mouse pad is the cost as these are significantly less costly to deliver and transport. Additionally, they are all the more easily stored and arrived in a more extensive range of sizes than their hard counterparts. Hard mousepads are typically more strong and arrived in a wide variety of various materials, meaning you can all the more reliably match the mouse pad to your ongoing arrangement.


This is where we steer away from traditional mouse pads and get more specialized. using a wrist rest provides support for your wrist, which can help to alleviate the side effects of carpal passage disorder and other related joint issues. So, it stops your wrist from being required to hover which reduces fatigue over long gaming or general registering sessions.

The wrist rest is usually made from high-thickness foam to save its shape for proceeding with use. The more top-notch mouse pads with wrist rests use memory foam as it can adapt all the more thoroughly to the user being referred to, some even feature gel-based wrist rests that help keep your wrist cool. These materials might cause you to pay a little more, fortunately, mouse pads don’t will generally be all that costly overall so it should be too hard on your wallet.


This consideration is completely emotional so offering guidance here is precarious. you can get mouse pads with wrist rests that seem to be any other mouse pad, all the way up to premium contributions made of additional colorful materials like glass or wood. Contingent upon your needs, you might be paying significantly more to get a mouse pad to fit your visual inclinations, keeping that in mind, we’ve made sure to include a couple of options that contrast visually from the rest to provide you with an idea of the sheer variety that’s out there.

Wrist Support Level

The right support level is a valuable key to helping you avoid unnecessary wrist wounds. Based on my experience, I prescribe picking a stand 1 to 1.2 inches tall. Anything higher or lower than this makes it challenging to support your wrist.


As mentioned earlier, mouse pads don’t typically cost that much, even while considering the top-notch options. You probably won’t wind up spending more than ~$30 unless you pick a customized mouse pad from the likes of Etsy or eBay. Fortunately, decent mousepads can be found for as little as $10 on the off chance that you search around enough and we will include some budget contributions here for good measure.

Best Gaming Mouse Pads With Wrist Rest FAQs

Do I need a mouse pad for gaming?

Indeed, absolutely. Even the cheapest of mouse pads will be preferable over the actual surface of the desk.

What is the best mouse pad for FPS games?

We’d suggest a large mouse pad or even a desk pad for FPS games. This will guarantee that you don’t run out of space, even on extremely low DPI settings.

How would you support your wrist while using a mouse?

Many investigations show that preparing the backrest with a pad will be extremely helpful for wrist support while utilizing the mouse.

At this point, your hand will be in a more natural and bent wrist-rest position. That helps prevent unnecessary weight on your bones and muscles.

Is gel or foam better for wrist rest?

Although gels don’t retain heat as well as foams, they give coolness, are less absorbent, and don’t have an unpleasant smell.

Many consider gels an ideal alternative to foam and different materials.

Is a wrist rest worth it?

Actually, wrist rests don’t offer significant ergonomic benefits. In some situations, they even increase the gamble of damage to your computer.

How would I stop my mouse from harming my wrist?

Not coming down on your wrist when you use the mouse is the best way to restrict that. As such, it’s the manner by which you keep your elbow near your body, so you don’t have to loosen up to reach it.

Conclusion: Best Gaming Mouse Pads With Wrist Rest

Ideally, my ideas and analysis in this article have helped you rapidly find a mouse pad that suits you.

To summarize it, the TeckNet Gaming Mouse Pad is the rendition with the best form quality in my research. In addition, the Gimars Smooth Memory Foam Mouse Pad is the ideal decision for value use.

In the event that you have any inquiries, leave a remark, and I will answer as soon as conceivable. Thanks for taking the time to follow us!

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