Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse Under 100 Dollars In 2023 Reviews

Best Gaming Mouse Under 100 Dollars

What’s the best gaming mouse under 100 dollars? That relies on sort of mouse your expectation. Or on the other hand, considerably more especially, what sort of video games you like to play as well as the number of dollars you’re ready to spend.

In the event that you play a great deal of MOBA or MMO kind games, you’re most likely going to want a computer mouse with the best deal of thumb buttons. On the off chance that you’re significantly a greater amount of an FPS or RTS player, an extra basic mouse with a higher DPI sensor as well as a far better grip is what you want.

Try not to acquire exhausted right into the “perfect” mouse buzz, because of the way that regardless of whether your mouse’s sensor is presumably “perfect”, you’re not. Considering what sensor a mouse makes use of (and which switches over) is generally smart, yet never get one because somebody informed you it was “remarkable”, whatever has its imperfections.

Every mouse has its pros, and furthermore cons, however, there are numerous options inside this price range, and you can ensure these 10 mice are the very best gaming mouse under $100.

Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse Under $100 In 2023 Reviews

Best Gaming Mouse Under 100 Dollars
Best Gaming Mouse Under 100 Dollars

Modern gaming is everything about reflexes, essentially while you’re discussing FPS shooters and other affordable games. Having every one of the reflexes worldwide won’t help you except if you have the best equipment next to you. Today we will uncover your leading 10 best gaming mice under $100.

As you’ll find out, a portion of these is conveniently among the very best pc gaming computer mice generally. After we discuss our picks, we’ll go inspect what to attempt to find and how to locate the best gaming mouse for under $100 bucks for you. How about we get right to it and furthermore look at our leading pick.


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  • Convenient holds
  • Flawless performance
  • Weight changes


  • Stiff buttons
  • Complicated software

Incredibly hassle-free deals and flawless procedures are the functions that differentiate Corsair Nightsword RGB to give some examples best gaming mice under 100.

I actually like the possibility to remedy the manner in which I play using weight adjustments. Nonetheless, there are things that I don’t such concerning this model, for example, stiff buttons, a clumsy scroll wheel as well as a complex software program.

That is the reason assuming you wish to get the best gaming mouse including comparable weight changes anyway with additional convenient switches and furthermore an adjustable scroll wheel, think about Logitech G502 Proteus Core.

Overall, Corsair Nightsword RGB is a suitable video gaming computer mouse as well as the best mouse under $100 for people with big hands.


81N9TeedXaL. AC SY550 min


  • Perfect cordless charging technology
  • Smooth operation
  • Decent assembly quality
  • Feels great in the hand


  • High price
  • Non-ergonomic shape
  • Not different from the old G900

To my brain, it is the best gaming mouse under $100 bucks on the marketplace. Although it is a wireless device, it reveals great performance simply on the very level as that is expressed used by a wired mouse.

The version features a hassle-free design as well as excellent personalization. Like similar wireless mice, Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED should be reenergized as soon as two or three days.

Nevertheless, you might take care of this problem by obtaining a POWERPLAY mouse pad, yet it will certainly cost you an additional 100 bucks. That’s what assuming you do, you will absolutely change your video gaming experience.


715Z1xjbJSL. AC SX425 min


  • Ambidextrous form
  • Onboard profile customization
  • TrueMove Pro sensing unit


  • No knotted wire
  • Too lightweight

At the point when you attempt its onboard profile modification and see a wonderful matte surface, you will fall in adoration with SteelSeries Sensei Ten.

On account of its superior sensor, this device might be called among the most effective video best gaming mice under 100 we tried in 2023. It uses superb acceleration as well as slowdown personalization attributes and furthermore, might possess flawless performance.

Furthermore, this model supplies a Tilt Tracking feature preserving constant and furthermore accurate tracking regardless of whether you raise the computer mouse as well as put it pull back at slanted angles.


51feAmd2iDL. AC SX425 min


  • Top-quality buttons
  • Very Accurate Sensor
  • Adjustable USB report price
  • 24-step scroll wheel


  • No devoted sensitivity toggle

The Zowie EC series is an astonishingly precise and furthermore comfy computer mouse that is perfect for FPS gaming and general usage.

The level of developing top quality on Zowie’s EC-series computer mice is through the roofing. On the off chance that you’re looking for a minimal RGB-less appearance with extraordinary high quality, certainly, look into the EC-series.

They run Huano switches and an Avago 3310 sensor. 2 points you most definitely want to find in a top-score pc gaming computer mouse. The EC-series isn’t restricted to gaming notwithstanding, they additionally do fantastic in graphic style as well as points of that nature due to the very accurate 3310 sensing unit.

It joins through USB and furthermore, the cabling, similar to the majority of high-quality computer mice, is entwined. That claimed it’s somewhat inflexible as well as will take a while before it softens up as well as comes to be significantly more pliable.

As an alternative to the EC1-An as well as EC2-A (comparison graph), you could additionally investigate the ZA collection, which supplies a slightly different dimension, 2 extra buttons, as well as 3 various dimensions. As even 1 much more choice, you could likewise investigate the FK collection, which again, uses a few various alternatives.


617h1iIFJ0L. AC SX425 min


  • 11 programmable switches
  • Braided USB cable television


  • Limited longevity
  • Customization switches problem

Although HyperX Pulsefire Raid supplies numerous modification choices, as well as features lightweight construction, its toughness and below software, come up short. In any case, a properly designed gadget will please any sort of client.

You will pleasantly use it for hrs and delight in terrific video gaming performance. It has a pc gaming shape that might be changed.

An essential downside of this design is its software application, which isn’t valued at a 100 dollar gaming mouse.


81ZQgWwuVzL. AC SY606 min


  • Convenient right-handed layout
  • Multiple thumb switches for
  • Great switch placement for practical DPI switching


  • Horizontal scrolling is not readily available

Logitech G602 is among the best gaming mice under 100 that I’ve tried. Regardless of whether we contrast it with certain extremely expensive options, such as Razer Ouroboros ($229.99 at Amazon) or Logitech G700s, I will claim that it is comparable to more expensive rival gadgets.

Certainly, you can not expect the exact same modular style or rechargeable battery from G602, nonetheless, its inexpensive price and outstanding efficiency make it an appealing choice to get.

Because of the respectable layout as well as excellent wireless efficiency, Logitech G602 is a brand-new Editors’ Choice for wireless video gaming mice.


610oAxNTxSL. AC SY879 min


  • Inconvenient weights
  • Some software concerns
  • A little costlier than similar mice


  • Appealing style
  • Precise sensor
  • Nice illumination
  • Dual sensor system

The Rival 600 is an excellent best gaming mouse that comes with the most advanced attributes while maintaining its trademark high quality. It has a flexible weight system, wonderful RGB light influences, and furthermore high precision.

The Rival 600 attributes the edgy dual sensor system TrueMove3+. Besides a 1 +1 optical tracking sensor, it has an optical deepness sensing unit that makes up the most affordable LOD possible.

The computer mouse features a flexible center of gravity. It makes it possible for individuals to pick from 256 setups by utilizing detachable weight obstructs varying from 96g to 128g. As the Rival 600 has actually been developed for affordable gaming, it’s the leading choice for eSports experts.


31qPw4sF6uL. AC SY450 min


  • Intuitive and also convenient design
  • Smart button location
  • Streamlined software program


  • Ultrafine weight modification
  • Not for users with huge hands

The G502 Proteus Core is Logitech’s most recent enhancement to the marketplace of gaming computer mice. It comes with a 12.000 DPI sensor, which makes this computer mouse the best for playing games in 4K.

The G502 incorporates 11 easy-to-program switches, a DPI button as well as 2 mouse wheel settings, namely, fast scroll and click-adjust.

The mouse flaunts the PMW3366 zero-acceleration optical sensor, smooth monitoring, and furthermore a flexible DPI assortment of 200-12000 DPI. It has fantastic tracking precision and furthermore wonderful responsiveness regardless of the sensitivity level.

There are 2 scrolling settings, among which allows seeing long-page files faster while the various other one is wonderful for single-click scrolling. The metal wheel makes as high as possible accuracy and furthermore makes it simpler to control the mouse regardless of the selected scrolling mode.


81kWLcpyzmL. AC SX425 min


  • Heavy and also well balanced
  • Nice attributes


  • High price

Because of its functions, balance, and good performance, SteelSeries Competing 710 comes from the rundown of the top gaming mice under 100.

It is an effective device providing an OLED screen, haptic feedback (fantastic for MOBA gamers) as well as impressive construct quality. It is somewhat expensive, yet when you see this multitude of functions, you understand that the acquisition deserves the cash you pay.

The device is improved with updated attributes so you will certainly stay aware of the latest tech.


61doJ9AKCPL. AC SX425 min


  • Exact sensing unit
  • Top-quality switches
  • Dedicated sensitivity toggle
  • Comfortable to make use of
  • Extremely flexible braided cable television


  • Not many lights areas

The DeathAdder collection of mice from Razer is only one of the longest-lived collections in the marketplace. They’re additionally several of the highest possible rated. In view of that, permit’s look at the DeathAdder Elite.

Razer’s DeathAdder Elite boosts the previous DeathAdder Chroma platform by adding 2 sensitivity toggling buttons right below the MMB. This was perhaps my largest objection with the DeathAdder Chroma so I was pretty stoked to see it contributed to the Elite.

The PMW3389 sensing unit ranges right up to 16000 DPI assuming you want it to, however, I can not envision many people will utilize the complete array. At lower DPI settings the sensor feels respectable, extremely comparable to the DeathAdder Chroma yet not exactly the equivalent. The buttons utilized feel strong as well as are made by Omron so I can’t envision they’ll break anytime quickly.

It connects through USB and furthermore the cabling utilized is braided for far better sturdiness. Tied cabling will often be very unbending as well as rather vexatious, notwithstanding, the cabling on the Elite is potentially several of the very best I’ve seen. Not exactly the very best, but certainly up there.

Like the majority of best mice in 2023, the DeathAdder Elite likewise comes with easy setup RGB lighting.

Buying Guide Of The Best Gaming Mouse Under 100 Dollars

Best Gaming Mouse Under 100
Best Gaming Mouse Under $100

Since you have an expansive thought of the best of the best mice with regards to this price point, I might want to go over a few general rules that you ought to keep prior to coming to your ultimate choice on a mouse.

On the off chance that you have never used a gaming mouse, there are a couple of features that you ought to understand to a full extent.

That way you will be completely ready to pick a mouse for yourself!

Top Gaming Mouse Brands

As with almost anything else, big brands are big because of their advertising and brand message.

There are times when a mouse is super advertised up because of promotion however it’s really not all that it’s broken on a mission to be…

In any case, the brands referenced here, for example, SteelSeries, Razer, and Logitech are highly legitimate brands that have been around for a significant length of time.

I have used mice from these brands and some others as well, I for one love Razer mice however I am at present using the Model O.

Additionally remember that a portion of the less popular brand names, like UTechSmart, can make great mice as well!

All that truly matters is which features you want the most and how a particular mouse will help you and your playstyle(s).

Choosing Your DPI

Normally, in the event that you are going for high accuracy, you will want to play on a lower DPI level. This could make a difference from 200-800 DPI – those eventual lower levels.

With my Model O, I switch between 500 DPI and 1000 DPI relying upon the circumstance. You then need to adjust your in-game mouse sensitivity to coordinate with how you play.

In FPS titles, it’s best to become acclimated to a lower sensitivity overall because floating your hand and wrist across your mousepad for the most accurate shot is more accurate.

So don’t be stressed and purchase a 20K DPI mouse because that sounds “better” than the 16K one. There is not really anybody who actually plays at those crazy levels of DPI.

Organizations add high levels of DPI to show that your experience will be adaptable to whichever DPI setting is best for you.

Lightweight vs. heavyweight Mice

Every mouse is different and every mouse will have a different weight to them.

There isn’t a “meta” with regard to a mouse’s weight. It is altogether based on your inclination.

I played with weighty mice for quite a while, explicitly the principal version of the DeathAdder and the Logitech G502, and I cherished every snapshot of playing with them.

At the point when I changed to the Model O, I wanted to offer my G502 as a gift and evaluate a lighter mouse and as far as I might be concerned, I would have no desire to return to a heavier mouse.

The best method for directing on the off chance that you’d like a weighty mouse over a light one or the other way around is to go out there and use a few mice.

In the event that you’re ready to, attempt to track down a neighborhood shop and use a portion of their gaming mice. It’ll assist you with getting a thought of what you would like best.

On the off chance that you’re not ready to, don’t be too balanced up on the possibility of it. Weight adjustment mice permit you to pick the weight you want so on the off chance that you’re really not certain, go with one that is adjustable!

Directing The Accuracy of a Mouse

The overall accuracy comes from the sensor of the mouse. These mice have optical sensors that are extremely accurate.

There are minute contrasts with regard to the tracking of every one of these mice, a distinction so little that you most likely will not have the option to take note.

In 2023, mice have advanced a lot and have become so accurate that they all have great sensors.

In the event that you are keen on the particulars of a sensor, however, you ought to do the examination yourself! Look at their sites and look at certain videos about how the sensors were made.

As of now, the sensors and their quality of them are highly advertised at this point. Sensors, especially for mice at this price point, will be finely tuned regardless of the mouse.


Can a Gaming Mouse be Used as a Regular Mouse?

Definitely! Any gaming computer mouse will certainly move the cursor similarly as well inside a game as it will in various things of software. On top of that, a video gaming computer mouse can be designed to deal with different software easy routes so it can upgrade your workflow.

Does a Gaming Mouse Improve Aim?

A gaming computer mouse doesn’t be guaranteed to support an objective all alone, notwithstanding, it is an essential device to have if you want to help your objective. As such, you will certainly need to endeavor on your abilities to intend and a gaming mouse will help, but it will not supernaturally make you an eSports hotshot.

How Much DPI do I Need For Gaming?

It relies upon what sort of video games you play. A great deal of FPS players will certainly work with 700 DPI or decreased since diminished DPI grants far better precision. Then again, MOBA players will certainly use more than that generally.

How many buttons should I have on my mouse?

When you are playing the games that you anticipate playing with your future mouse, verify the number of hotkeys you could assign to your mouse. Generally, in MMOs/MOBAs you will want several side thumb buttons whereas in FPS titles just the basic two thumb buttons will be sufficient.

How heavy should my mouse be?

There is no “best mouse weight” with regards to gaming mice. Heavier mice are easier to control and lighter mice are easier to flick fast. All that ultimately matters is to what lengths control you will go for over how fast of a flick you’d want to have.

What is the most optimal DPI setting?

Everyone plays at different sensitivity settings. It will take a short time to calibrate your ideal DPI setting and in-game sensitivity to coordinate however when you do you will barely want to change from it. Mice with a marksman button are pleasant for those that want to have the option to turn between two explicit DPI settings on the fly.

Are gaming mice more accurate than regular mice?

Yes! Gaming mice have cutting-edge sensors inside them that are made explicitly considering gaming. Most mice today at this price point have highly accurate, 1 to 1 tracks which you can not find in a basic office mouse.

What are the best features that mouse software should have?

You will actually want to find any software for the mouse by a basic Google look for the mouse + driver software. As for what ought to be remembered for the software, it is best to see programmable button planning, DPI customization, surveying rate adjustment, and numerous profiles to browse for different games.

Conclusion: Best Gaming Mouse Under 100 Dollars

Ideally subsequent to looking at this guide you have a good thought of what sort of mouse you ought to follow with regards to the best gaming mice for under the $100 dollar mark.

There are a lot of great choices and there isn’t one mouse that is the overall best choice – there is just the mouse that is best for yourself as well as your playstyle.

So, on the off chance that you are chiefly playing FPS games, you don’t require 12 side buttons. Two thumb buttons for extraordinary nades and deadly nades ought to be sufficient, or perhaps a couple of something else for abilities.

In the event that you are playing MMOs as well as MOBAs, you have a lot of hotkeys continuing so perhaps you’ll want to go with a mouse that has a lot of extra buttons going on.

Then, at that point, you additionally want to remember the quality of life features. Go with the mouse that has the features you’d like and the style that you’re in later.

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