Top 5 Best Pinball Machines To Buy In 2023 (Reviews)

Best Pinball Machines Reviews

Could it be said that you are looking to buy the best pinball machines for your house, workplace, arcade, or other venue? If in this way, you are in the right place. This article will teach you about some famous pinball machines that are available for buying online.

Pinball is a game of skill where players use a steel ball to hit targets at the bottom of an inclined playfield. The pinball machine is a game that has been around for over a long time. It was introduced in 1871 by French engineer and inventor, Charles Auguste de Morny, Comte de Morny, who created the game as an amusement for his guests at his home.

The first pinball machines were made of wood and had sloping ramps with pins that would be knocked down to score points. The modern pinball machine was invented by Harry Williams and became well-known during the 1960s.

The pinball machine has been around since 1871 and had a large decline in sales because of electronic video games and high repair costs for these machines. They have virtual pinball which is an extraordinary alternative to in-person machines.

Best Pinball Machines Reviews.
Best Pinball Machines Reviews

5 Best Pinball Machines Reviews Of 2023

1. Stranger Things Pinball Machine

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You might have seen the recent Netflix craze, Stranger Things, where a group of teenagers save their hometowns from monsters and uncover government-privileged insights. This show takes place in the 80s and inspired the Stranger Things Pinball Machine. You can spend the entire day on this machine because it is addicting (in a decent way). I love the way the machine creates an immersive experience where you feel like a character in the show. It follows the plot of the show so any Stranger Things fans or sci-fi lovers will love this machine.

2. Black Knight: Sword of Rage Pinball Machine

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This is one of the coolest pinball machines currently on the market! This machine will captivate your attention for a really long time and bring back a warm feeling of nostalgia. This machine revolves around battling a mechanical knight that emits exciting light/sound effects. A portion of the other cool features includes, Stainless steel ramps and chrome wire ramps all through, a massive 12 Gauge Stainless Steel flair lane floor that protects the playfield and 10 lasers cut Lightning bolts.

3. Beatles Pinball Machine

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This is a retro type of pinball machine made by the famous brand, Stern Pinball. This immersive pinball experience will set aside some margin to the days of the Beatles and hit songs like “Can’t get me love” or “All my loving”. In terms of features, this machine powers four flippers, eleven drop targets, eight stand-up targets, multiple skill shots, two opto-spinners, a ball-catching magnet, and a magnetic spinning record disk in the center of the playfield. I would highly recommend this fun pinball machine. This pinball machine is $5,000 less than the Addams Family one.

4. Addams Family Pinball Machine

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This is one of the most famous machines on the market! If I had one of these, I would play it day in and day out. The machine is based on the 1991 movie, and it features a custom speech by the movie’s stars, Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston. There are two main game objectives: explore the mansion, and open the vault on the board. This is a classic pinball machine that doubles as a retro, collector’s item. There was north of 200,000 Addams Family pinball machines made because it was in such high demand! The main downside is that this is the most expensive item on today’s list, sitting at a hefty $12,999.

5. Medieval Madness Pinball Machine

Best Pinball Machines Reviews

Medieval Madness is a classic machine to own as a collectible. It was originally designed by Brian Eddy and programmed by Lyman Sheats. This extreme pinball machine was made by Williams Pinball company and there were just 4,016 machines created. I would highly recommend this majestic quest of a game.

Buying Guide: What to Look for in a Pinball Machine

Best Pinball Machines Reviews...
Best Pinball Machines of 2023

While each machine is different, there are a couple of things you want to know while selecting which one to purchase.

  • Digital vs. Physical: There are two types of pinball machines out there: digital and physical. Physical machines are your thought process of when you think “pinball machine” — it’s the traditional, authentic pinball experience you’d find in an arcade. The issue is physical machines are extremely expensive and require plenty of maintenance, which is what digital machines aim to settle. These still have the trappings of normal pinball cabinets, yet instead of having the physical game inside, they have screens that display various pinball video games. These still include physical buttons and are more affordable, yet they will not have the option to trick you into thinking it’s the real deal either. A big benefit of these however is they can have multiple pinball games loaded onto the machine providing more worth. Which one you get is up to you, however, all things considered, digital machines are a lot easier to get your hands on.
  • Design: The aesthetics of a pinball machine are important, if it doesn’t look cool then what’s the point really? Whether they’re digital or physical, the machine you purchase ought to capture that classic style you expect out of a pinball machine — from the shape of the cabinet to the artwork.
  • Size: If you’re putting this in your home, then, at that point, chances are you’re dealing with limited space. While traditional pinball machines tend to be fairly large, you can find smaller machines if you don’t have room to spare (especially digital machines). We’ll make certain to mention the dimensions (height x length x width) of the machines mentioned here (when provided) so you have a better idea of what you’re getting into.
  • Build Quality: Listen, regardless of what you get off of this list you’re going to burn through a decent measure of money. The product you receive ought to have the option to live up to that, with a premium feeling cabinet and (for the situation of digital machines) high-quality displays. We’ve ensured that every one of the machines here lives up to their price labels.

Best Pinball Machines FAQ:

What Is The Difference Between An Electronic Pinball Machine vs. Electromechanical Pinball Machine?


Electronic pinball machines generally come with a LED screen that displays scores (in real-time) and displays fun graphics. They likewise come with speakers that emit electronic sound effects! Practically all of the newest Pinball Machines are electronic.


Electromechanical machines were created back in the prior day fully electronic pinball machines. The score was generally calculated once the ball left the playfield and the score was not generally a result of player execution. Similar to skeeball, the machine would award points based on which hole the ball ends up in.

What is the best-selling pinball machine of all time?

The Addams Family pinball machine is the best-selling pinball machine ever! There have been more than 20,000 units sold since it was released in March 1992.

Pinball Shipping Time

  • Amazon Shipping Time For Pinball Machine: 12 Days
  • Pinball Company Shipping Time For Pinball Machine: Varying Estimate

How to Install A Pinball Machine?

It can be difficult to install a new heavy pinball machine. This youtube channel made a helpful installation tutorial I would recommend watching.

Conclusion: Best Pinball Machines Of 2023

These classic pinball games are a surefire method for finding new refreshments for those who are tired of playing video games and gaming consoles day in and day out.

These best pinball machines have stood the test of time and are a record-breaking favorite of expert pinball fans and beginners. With bright lighting, incredible artwork, and tons of obstacles, these pinball machines will surely give you a fantastic experience.

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