How Long Should Child Play Video Games?

How Long Should Child Play Video Games?

How Long Should Child Play Video Games? How Long Should I Let My Child Play Video Games Each Day? Every Week? Being a parent is scary, yet the choice behind how long you should allow your kid to play video games every day doesn’t need to be.

Video games are currently available on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, consoles, and even TVs themselves. With almost ubiquitous access, it’s reasonable to consider how much time screen time a child should be presented. While there’s nobody’s size-fits-all arrangement, here are a few realities to think about while drawing certain lines.

Scientific Solutions

How Long Should Child Play Video Games
How Long Should Child Play Video Games?

A concentrate in 2014 called “Electronic Gaming and Psychosocial Adjustment” cases to figure out the ideal game opportunity that will benefit children: one hour of the day. To reach this resolution, concentrate on creator Andrew Pryzybylsky surveyed nearly 5,000 British children between the ages of 10-15 about their mental prosperity and their video game habits.

The investigation discovered that children who played video games for an hour or less every day were normally more social and satisfied than children who didn’t play video games.

Conversely, children who played one to three hours of video games were roughly basically as social and satisfied as non-gamers, and children who played over three hours out every day were less cheerful than non-gamers and inclined to have behavioral problems.

What This Means

How Long Should Child Play Video Games 1
How Long Should Child Play Video Games?

Przybylski brings up that different variables, for example, the parental ability to bear the cost of video game consoles, could be affecting his subjects’ general happiness. In any case, the article offers great guidelines for concerned parents.

For parents who believe their children should socially benefit from video games, a strict limit of one hour of video games each day should be considered. Anything over one hour and under three puts gamers on a level playing field with non-gamers regarding satisfaction and social benefits.

All things considered, permitting your child to play somewhere in the range of one and three hours of the day doesn’t appear to particularly hurt them by the same token. Except if your child plays for over three hours every day, the video games aren’t causing any damage.

Also, as Drew Guarani writes in the Huffington Post, there are different benefits to children playing video games like improving eyesight, slowing the maturing system, and assisting dyslexic children with reading. Essentially, depending on the game your child is playing and their individual situation, there can be developmental benefits.

3 Common Sense Solutions

How Long Should Child Play Video Games.
How Long Should Child Play Video Games?

There’s still such a lot we have barely any familiarity with the impacts of video games on children, yet there are some common-sense suggestions for regulating your children’s play.

Familiarize Yourself With the Games

Finding out about the games your kid is playing could assist with making you feel relaxed about your child’s favorite hobby. At any rate, researching, the games can illuminate how much time the kid will play.

For instance, after researching the benefits of Lego Video Games you might conclude that your kid can play an extra hour of video games every day, as long as the subsequent hour is spent on a Lego game like the forthcoming LEGO Dimensions. Perhaps you believe your kids should play some excellent math games, those can count as well.

Knowing how your kid’s games work likewise gives you the advantage with regard to enforcing time limits. As a child, it was incredibly frustrating to switch off a game before I hit a save point because my mother didn’t have the foggiest idea what save focus was. Assuming you realize what games save automatically and which games require extra work to save appropriately, you can save yourself many tears.

Provide Alternate Entertainment

In the event that you’re limiting your child to one hour of video games every day, what different activities are available to them once the screens are switched off? Assuming the response to that question is “isn’t anything”, now is the ideal time to get your kid’s friends and a few new hobbies

My mom took me to the library something like one time per month, so whenever I had watched my hour of TV and played my hour of games I could read all things considered. Assisting your child with tracking down a hobby beyond video games – be it sports, reading, sewing, or river dancing – can make a period limit bearable and, surprisingly, unnecessary.


There is such a lot of information and disinformation about video games out on the planet, that getting your brain tangled up over the issue is simple. The thing is, assuming you care enough about your kids to fanatically stress over the time they spend playing video games, they’re most likely going to end up good overall!

Being a parent is scary, especially when all you need is the best for your children, however, the choice behind how long you should allow your kid to play video games every day doesn’t need to be. Simply review current realities, think about your child’s specific requirements, and add a healthy portion of common sense. That wasn’t so difficult now, was it?

FAQs – How Long Should Child Play Video Games?

How long should a child be allowed to play video games?

Gaming is certainly not an unavoidable right! 2. Set clear boundaries for your child’s gaming. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests time allotted should be under 30 to an hour out of every day on school days and 2 hours or less on non-school days.

How long does the average kid play video games?

By and large, children play video games for 2.13 hours daily, and 92 percent of parents let their children play essentially an hour of games a day. Eight percent conceded that they let their kids play for over five hours every day.

Is it bad to play 5 hours of video games?

Assuming you play video games for five hours every day except can put the regulator down without issue at whatever point you feel like it, you’re presumably fine. Assuming you are missing having a social life, sacrificing sleep, or not eating right because of your gaming habits, that may be the point at which you have gone too far into a fixation.

How long is too long to play video games?

The main concern: “One to nine hours out of every week is by all accounts safe, yet playing over nine hours — one hour on workdays and two hours on end of the weekdays — might be not recommended for children 7 to 11 years of age,” said concentrate on creator Dr. Jesus Pujol.

Is it bad for my child to play video games?

Yet, a lot of video game playing might cause problems. It’s difficult to get sufficient dynamic play and exercise assuming you’re generally inside playing video games. Also, without enough exercise, kids can become overweight. Exaggerating video games additionally could influence other significant stuff, similar to friendships and how well a kid in all actuality does in school.

Should 5-year-old play video games?

Your child is gaining the coordination and mental ability to play more complex computer games — and his advantage might be developing, as well. Five-year-olds love to copy friends and bigger kids. … It’s not too soon to begin creating positive habits for video game use.

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