How Much Does a Gaming Chair Cost?

How Much Does a Gaming Chair Cost?

Are you in the market for a gaming chair, yet don’t have the foggiest idea where to start?

All things considered, you’re perfectly positioned!

With the many choices out there to browse, it very well may be hard to tell how much you ought to spend on a gaming chair to guarantee you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Whenever you started perusing around for a gaming chair on the web, here’s simply the principal thing you probably asked.

How much does a gaming chair cost?

Gaming Chairs can cost somewhere in the range of $150 and $500 relying on the plan, features, and size. On average, budget gaming chairs cost somewhere in the range of $150 and $300. Gaming chairs from top brands cost somewhere in the range of $300 and $500. Very good quality ergonomic office chairs, which are gaining popularity among gamers, can cost over $1,000.

In this aide, we’ll examine exhaustively how much gaming chairs cost. We’ll do a total breakdown of gaming chairs at various value ranges to assist you with understanding what you ought to anticipate from a gaming chair based on how much you spend.

After reading this aide, you’ll have a much better idea of how much you want to spend on your next gaming chair.

How Much Does a Gaming Chair Cost on Average?

While you’re searching for a gaming chair, it’s important to understand that not all of them are created equal as far as quality and performance.

It very well may be hard to differentiate the quality chairs from the garbage gaming chairs since the vast majority of them will look fairly similar and have the same basic plan components; even the really cheap chairs.

To assist with making it easier to understand, here is a breakdown of what you ought to anticipate from a gaming chair based on its value range.

Cheap Gaming Chairs Under $100

The primary kind of chair we’ll talk about is the cheap gaming chairs that cost under $100. These are chairs that you’ll typically find on Amazon.

The vast majority of these gaming chairs will be the standard racing style plan, however, you may also discover some reasonable sofa chairs or floor rockers.

While gaming chairs under $100 may look great from a tasteful standpoint, that’s about all they have.

From a quality and durability standpoint, they’re usually bad because of the whole cost of manufacturing the chair dedicated to making it look pretty to tempt individuals to purchase.

Within, you’ll probably have a great deal of pressed wood and plastic for the frame instead of aluminum or stainless steel, and that means they’re much less durable. These chairs are also less steady, meaning you’ll probably feel some creaking while you’re moving around in the chair, especially assuming you’re a larger individual.

As far as features and adjustment choices, you’ll be restricted to basic 2D armrests, lean back, and tallness adjustment.

In general, assuming you just have $100 to spend, I would not suggest purchasing a gaming chair because you’ll sacrifice essential functionality, solace, and durability just to have a pretty-looking chair. I wouldn’t expect most cheap gaming chairs to last more than 2-3 years.

Instead, I’d probably search for a $100 traditional office chair. While these chairs won’t offer vibrant tones and a racing-style plan, at this cost you can get an adequately comfortable chair that will last some time.

Budget Gaming Chairs Under $200

While seeing gaming chairs in the $150-$200 value range, you’ll start having much more choices available to you as far as features and plan choices.

As far as overall quality, you’ll see a significant improvement over the $100 gaming chairs, however, you shouldn’t expect anything amazing, as these areas are yet considered budget gaming chairs.

The gaming chair brands that you’ll be taking a gander at here are not the top-level brands, yet rather the “knock-off” brands that essentially duplicate the plan components of the greater level brands, however, lessen the cost. Not necessarily something bad for you as the purchaser, but something to remember.

A few brands that strike a chord that produces strong gaming chairs in the value range are GTRacing and Homall.

As far as features, you’ll start seeing fancier chairs with all of the extravagant accessories.

A portion of these features could include:

  • 3D Adjustable Armrests
  • Stools
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Massage Vibration Motor

In addition, you’ll start seeing gaming chair plans that reach out past the standard PU-Leather upholstered racing-style chairs.

A few examples of other plan components include:

  • Fabric Upholstery
  • Network Ergonomic Chairs
  • Chair Gaming Chairs
  • Single Sofa Gaming Chairs
  • Floor Rockers

The most outstanding aspect of picking chairs in this value range is that you’ll have more choices available to you contingent upon your particular requirements and use cases. Assuming you’re a PS5 Gamer who plans to play casually in your lounge room, then, at that point, your gaming chair needs will contrast from a hardcore PC gamer.

Again, while the quality of gaming chairs at this price tag probably won’t be outstanding, you can in any case discover some brilliant value chairs in the event that you know where to look.

Gaming Chairs Under $300

Gaming chairs around the $300 sticker cost are usually the perfect balance for many individuals.

While you’re as yet not in the value range of the top-level gaming chair brands, the move forward in quality from the past value level is really significant.

As far as features, plan choices, you’re taking a gander at much of the same when compared to gaming chairs in the $200 range, just the quality of the actual materials utilized is generally unrivaled.

You’ll start seeing gaming chairs will heavy-obligation aluminum or stainless steel frames, which make them significantly more durable and are bound to last for a really long time.

Regarding solace, you’ll typically have more excellent foam padding in the seat and cushions in the headrest and lumbar help.

In general, I would consider gaming chairs around this sticker cost to be the better value, finding some kind of harmony between cost and performance. You’re getting a ton of chairs for the cash without paying any expenses that the top-level brands can charge because they’re more popular.

Gaming Chairs That Cost Between $300-$500

Whenever you start checking out chairs in the $300-$500 value range, this is the place where you’ll observe all of the superior gaming chair brands that you’ve probably heard of.

A portion of these top-level gaming chair brands incorporates Secretlab, DXRacer, Maxnomic, and Vertagear.

As far as fabricating quality, features, and solace, these chairs have everything.

On the off chance that you’re somebody who invests a great deal of energy in your chair consistently, then, at that point, you should consider getting a chair from one of these more reputable brands because they are dependable.

In addition, since these brands are all the more notable and have a superior track record, they usually give a superior web-based purchasing experience, have a superior warranty and merchandise exchange, and better client service, which is something that many individuals overlook.

Also, in this value range, you’ll have more choices for larger individuals. Assuming that you’re a big and tall individual or are on the heavier side then, at that point, you’ll have more choices available to you with gaming chairs in this value range. Bigger chairs with higher weight capacities typically cost more since they require more materials, so be prepared to spend somewhat more assuming you’re a big person.

In general, this is the cost that a great many people will spend on a gaming chair since all of the popular and reputable brands charge at this price tag. While these costs are really costly for what they are, you’re also paying a premium because of the actual brand.

In the event that you invest any energy watching professional gamers on Twitch or Youtube, you’ll in all probability see gaming chairs from these brands floating around.

Big and Tall Gaming Chairs Over $500

I’d consider any gaming chair that costs over $500 to be a superior gaming chair.

On the off chance that you’re talking about standard racing-style gaming chairs, the vast majority of them will not at any point reach this sticker price with only a few exemptions.

In the first place, assuming you’re an exceptionally large individual and you have a hefty estimated gaming chair with a weight capacity of over 400lbs, then, at that point, you may discover a few chairs that cost over $500. This is basically because a bigger chair requires more materials to create, which clearly increases the cost.

Second, some chair manufacturers offer upgrade choices for premium upholstery or special release plans, which increases the cost of the chair.

For example, Secretlab has upgrade choices for SoftWeave Fabric or NAPPA leather, which ramp up the cost significantly. In addition, they also feature special version plans based on their partnerships with popular games and eSports organizations.

Ergonomic Gaming Chairs Over $1,000

Presently, we should create some distance from the standard racing-style gaming chairs and talk about some exceptional Ergonomic Office Chairs.

These would incorporate a few established brands like Herman Miller and Steelcase. Their chairs can cost upwards of $1,000 – $2,000.

While these chairs aren’t technically branded as “gaming chairs,” they have gained a ton of popularity among professional gamers lately because of their solace, adjustability, assemble quality, and ergonomics.

Assuming you’re somebody who invests the majority of your energy in your office chair, then, at that point, these superior ergonomic chairs will offer much more help and solace than any racing-style gaming chair on the market.

They’re most certainly expensive, yet worth the venture for hardcore gamers who spend over 8 hours out of every day playing.

Factors That Determine Gaming Chair Price

Since we’ve examined how much gaming chairs cost on average, we should talk about the actual factors that ultimately decide the gaming chair cost. This can assist us with understanding what you’re actually paying for while purchasing a gaming chair compare to any ordinary, generally common office chair


It’s nothing unexpected that the gaming business has been blasting lately. And with this, a few brands have taken advantage of this open door and solidified themselves as dominant brands in the space.

Companies like Secretlab and DXRacer have done a huge load of marketing to partner with top eSports organizations and content creators to elevate brands to the highest point of the business.

And like with all things, bigger brands can charge a premium on their items. Regardless of whether it’s an iPhone or a gaming chair, the brand-name items cost more.

In this way, simply remember that while you’re purchasing a gaming chair, you’re paying a premium for the brand.

Materials and Build Quality

As I referenced earlier, not all gaming chairs are created equal, regardless of the fact that many of them appear to be identical.

It’s easy for a cheap gaming chair to replicate the appearance of an exceptional gaming chair outwardly. However, the actual development and quality of the materials being utilized can vary significantly based on the cost of the chair.

Better quality gaming chairs have a much more solid and durable form development, offer more help, and will last longer.

It’s as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”


Another factor that decides the cost of a gaming chair is the size. Typically, the larger the gaming chair, the higher the cost.

Since larger gaming chairs require more materials to accommodate big and tall individuals and deal with higher weight capacity, they will typically cost all the more all different factors being equal.

On the off chance that you’re a heavier individual or a big and tall individual, hope to spend a touch more on a gaming chair.


Finally, the cost of a gaming chair will vary based on the features you decide on. Certain gaming chairs will offer additional features, for example, worked-in Bluetooth speakers, ottomans, massage engines, and more.

In addition, some gaming chairs offer upgrades to the upholstery material, for example, great fabric or authentic leather instead of the standard PU leather found on most gaming chairs.

How Much Should You Spend on a Gaming Chair?

How much you spend on a gaming chair will ultimately rely upon your budget.

I would avoid purchasing a gaming chair for under $100 because the quality is usually really lackluster.

Assuming you’re spending between $150-$300 on a gaming chair, you’ll see a significant lift in the overall quality and number of choices available to you. You’ll simply be careful and do your research on the particular chair models because you’ll manage the lesser-known brands.

For the vast majority, spending somewhere in the range of $300 and $500 on a gaming chair will be the perfect balance since you’ll have the option to purchase from the top-level gaming chair brands that give better quality and choices to larger individuals.

How Much Does a Gaming Chair Cost: FAQs

How much cash does a gaming chair cost?

On average, budget gaming chairs cost somewhere in the range of $150 and $300. Gaming chairs from popular brands can cost somewhere in the range of $300 and $500 or more.

Are gaming chairs worth the cost?

Gaming chairs can merit the cost contingent upon your particular requirements. They are worth the effort in the event that you sit in a chair for extended periods of time consistently or on the other hand assuming you’re a streamer on Twitch or YouTube who wants an esthetically pleasing chair. However, gaming chairs won’t straightforwardly make you a superior gamer.

What is the best gaming chair at the cost?

Based on our testing, the best gaming chair at the cost is the Secretlab OMEGA. It finds some kind of harmony between style, ergonomics, and solace at the cost.

Do you really require a gaming chair?

No, you needn’t bother with a gaming chair to be a professional gamer. Any normal office chair will do the same occupation as long as it’s comfortable for you. Gaming chairs are a great extravagance to have because they are snazzy while yet offering help, solace, and adjustability choices.


In the markets, gaming chairs are of various qualities and costs. The magnificent quality gaming chair should be available to the detriment of $200 to $350. A decent gaming chair should have an adjustable Armrest and backrest. The foam should be durable and dependable; the leather should be of good quality. Minimal-expense gaming chairs lack a few features that are essential for an ideal gaming chair. In the market, a waste variety of gaming chairs is available. The most costly gaming chair is $1000, and the cheapest gaming chair is available at the cost of $50. To purchase a gaming chair, don’t think twice about quality and attempt to purchase a decent-quality gaming chair.

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